February 27, 2010

Hedgehog Baby

I've been meaning to do this for a few years. It's one of DH's favorite animals and the only EMS baby he loves. Since I decided that 2010 will be a year that I'm going to try and stitch projects for loved ones, this was the first one I decided to accomplish. Isn't he too cute for words???!

by Ellen Maurer-Stroh
Fabric: Highland, 32ct hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus
Stitched 2 over 2 with DMC
Finished: Feb. 27th, 2010

Re-framed with a gold frame and he still sits pretty above my mirror in our closet.

1 comment:

EastCoastLife said...

This hedgehog baby is so adorable. It would be a pretty picture for my son's bedroom!